Map (USA and the World)


1) Once the Map is visible, click the “View larger map” highlighted on the upper left of corner of the Map image.
2) Once you have done that you will view a larger Map. Look at the upper left corner where it says “United States”, there, overwrite that with anyplace you want to view (any state, city, address, or the WORLD).
a. Now that you are in the city (or state, or where ever) of choice, go back to top left and overwrite your city with, e.g., MMA schools, boxing gyms, martial arts schools, etc. and all of the of schools of your interest will show up for that area.

b. Additionally those schools, training gyms are rated by some folks who may have had access to them. One word of advice on the ratings, i.e., people who usually post the ratings are either extremely happy or very upset with someone there doing the teaching, etc. So apply some common sense to what you read on ratings.

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