Quickdraw MMA Information

100_Picture1Recent promotions and/or status of Mix  Martial Arts knowledge displayed in colored belts and QMMA Black Belts:

QMMA Black Belts:

  • 10th Degree, Victor Hervias, from Madison Alabama

  • 9th Degree, Larry McCraw, from Oregon state

  • 2nd Degree, Toby Massell

These promotions imply that the following personnel have met all the requirements imposed and set forth by the governing body of this organization.

A short bio is associated with each person’s name. The QMMA council has deemed it appropriate to Promote the following personnel to the shown Belt & Degree. This means the person with the promotion shown has met all of the criteria from QMMA. Next to each name is a short Biography of the person promoted.
Note that QMMA is nontraditional and a school that only concentrates on actual fighting skills. However, we are using the traditional belt naming system used by the Japanese martial arts.

Victor “The Fly” Hervias:

 On this day 7 November, 2015. Was promoted to the coveted 10th Degree Black Belt by the governing body of the Quickdraw MMA school. The many

His interest and practice of martial arts began in 1972 and he has been training, teaching, and fighting ever since (Though now retired from fighting but not training). He competed at an amateur and professional level during the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. And, Nationally and Regionally rated by Karate Illustrated (KI), Professional Karate League (PKL), and NASKA fighter ratings organizations.

Larry “Quickdraw” McCraw:

Larry began studying martial arts early in life and continues to do so this day. He says his fighting really took off when he began training with Dick Willett from American Kenpo Karate in San Diego in 1973. Former owner of a Kenpo Karate school/Martial Arts studio in San Diego for a time. Currently Larry owns an MMA school in Oregon and is very active in areas of the combat arts.

Master Doug Arcidino:

Martial Arts Experience

  • Promoted Brown Belt – Syracuse Kenpo Karate, Syracuse, NY. Grand Master William Prusinowski
  • November 1980-1990 – Trained American Kenpo Karate, San Diego, CA. Grand Master (Judan) Dick Willett and Master (Kudan) Todd McElhinney
  • March 1988 – Promoted Shodan American Kenpo Karate, San Diego, CA. Master (Kudan) Todd McElhinney
  • September 1990 – Promoted Nidan American Kenpo Karate, San Diego, CA. Master (Kudan) Todd McElhinney
  • 1991 – 2003 – Owned and Operated American Kenpo Karate, Virginia Beach, VA. School was under the AKK with GM Dick Willet as overseer and advisor.
  • 1998 – Present; Trained Norfolk Judo and Jujitsu, Norfolk, VA. Grand Master (Soke) E.R. Spruiell
  • January 2000 – Promoted Sandan American Kenpo Karate, San Diego, CA. Master (Kudan) Todd McElhinney
  • 2004 – 2010: Filipino Fighting Arts Academy, Virginia Beach Va. (Hachidan) Punong Guro B.L. “Spunk” Trial
  • June 2008 – Promoted Yodan American Kenpo Karate, San Diego, Ca. Master (Kudan) Todd McElhinney
  • October 2010 – Promoted Shodan JLFS, Tampa Fl. Grandmaster (Judan) Joe Lewis
  • November 2010 – Promoted Shodan Judo DNBK, Norfolk Va. GM (Kudan) E.R. Spruiell
  • October 2014 – Promoted Nidan JLFS, Wilmington NC. JLFS board of directors
  • October 2015 – Promoted Godan American Kenpo Karate, San Diego, Ca. Master (Kudan) Todd McElhinney

Toby Massel:

Toby started his training in Martial Arts in 1975. He trained in several different Martial Arts, e.g., Shito-Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, kick boxing, the Joe Lewis Fighting System (JFLS) and of course American Kenpo Karate (AKK).

2nd Degree Black Belt in Quickdraw MMA, on January 2016

1sst black belt in AKK from Master Todd McElhinney in 1991

4th Degree in Kenpo Jiu-jitsu & Joe Lewis advanced fighting tactics August 2014

Teaching and training since 1985 in Kenpo and Martial Arts

In 1985 earned his AKK Karate Brown Belt from Master John Zimmer

untitledtoby kick

QMMA Brown Belts:

Purple Belt in Japanese (BUDO) Ju-Jitsu

Former amateur and professional Kick Boxer

We first want to pay tribute to Quickdraws (Larry McCraw) student and personal friend, Quinn Cooper, who was on his way to earn a Black Belt from Quickdraws MMA school, but was tragically brought down by a crazy madman, hence stopping his advancement but we shall never forget this young Man.