Train with Disabilities & Websites

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By No Means we are Supplying any type of Medical suggestions or advice. This is ONLY what our experience is or has been for our limitations and how we dealt with them on a Short or Long Term basis.

There are MANY people today training in some type of Martial Arts with major illnesses that we cannot even imagine, yet here they are, training, fighting and doing all they can do with their limitations given to them by LIFE.

For all members or just readers of this site, this page will provide experiences of people/martial artist that have gotten sick in long term (e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Fibromyalgia, broken bones, etc. select the link that is closest to your ailments) or short term limitations. Please be specific with your injury, if its the left elbow, the right elbow, the right lower part of the arm, the upper part of the arm, for RA be specific of location if just in one area of body say so, etc. Knowing these specifics will help all to get the correct suggestions. As we get responses we will build the appropriate links for the injuries or sickness.

We did a local and nation wide search for gyms (Martial Arts) that may be able to accommodate the disable (physically or mentally). It was found that there are few and spread out all over the country. We have provided some sites and documents that may help you in making educated decisions, open up a dialog with those gyms and learn what they can do overall for the disabled Martial Arts trainee.
From Previous Experience:

My previous experience of teaching the disabled is one that was rewarding, however, it required much of my time during normal classes. I soon saw a need to separate the disabled from the average student. If you find someone that can teach private lessons or gyms (Martial Arts, or even out of someone’s garage) that accommodates the disabled or a gym that is willing to do that type of training.

A gym and private individuals (teachers) goal is to stay in business, make profits, etc. I found that teachers can best serve the disable by given them private lessons. They need that individual one on one time. In my cases, had an Autistic adult, an young adult with a very short arm, and a another time I taught a mentally challenged young man. I attempted all this during my normal class time. That proved to be very time consuming and saw the need to modify my teaching and setup a special program. After I developed one, I decided to not follow up on it. It was to demanding of my time. The bottom line is that, in order to properly teach the disable is to teach privately. It is the only way to be fair to them and to your business. These are only a few websites dedicated to Martial Artist with Disabilities.

disable website 1  disable mma site

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